Marketing & Sales support

To be successful when entering new markets it is fundamental to have a systematic understanding of the target markets segments, customers requirements and sales channels.

Our experienced consultants with international background and many years of industry experience help you understand the external environment and the best way to penetrate the market in view of your own offering, competitors’ offering, as well as market differentiation.

In addition, time-to-market is often a key success factor and it can be difficult to select the optimal timing for a new market introduction, especially with innovate products and solutions, and also when the right timing varies by country as well. Our methodologies include hypothesis validation by reaching out to a few potential clients with questionaires and interviews.

There are often alternative approaches and channels with different opportunities, risks and resources requirements associated with each option. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive toolset to manage channels and partners, and monitor internal and external performance.

As a result we help our clients optimise their overall market introduction and generate revenues faster.