Investaura has been mandated by a PE-backed company to integrate a group of recently acquired companies in a buy-and-build strategy. As PMI experts, we act as project manager, change manager, and facilitor.

We bring a hands-on mentality to support the local management and the global organisation with the smooth integration of the companies. Our consultancy skills also come to the fore with the identification of synergies, growth opportunities, and performance improvement measures.

We hit the ground running, and while the priorities depend on the rationale for the acquisition and will change over time, the focus in the first 100 days is usually in the area of governance, marketing and communication, financial reporting, human resources, and IT.

We manage all aspects of the integration project including work streams on topics as diverse as sales opportunities, services, organisation development, product line management, manufacturing, purchasing and procurement, risk management, legal, and ESG.

A large part of our assignment is dedicated to communicating with the teams and their management, reporting to the various stakeholders, and ensuring that the integration is a success.

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