As many European SMEs have reached the limit of their growth potential in their home market, expanding to neighboring countries is the natural next step for many. Investaura is currently helping a number of European clients grow via M&A in Germany.

In a Europe dominated by sluggish growth, Germany stands out not only as Europe’s largest market but also as one of the best performing economies. Germany benefits from many advantages, including:

  • an ideal geographical location at the heart of Europe
  • a high density of SMEs, many of them with international business relationship
  • a well-educated and open-minded workforce
  • a reputation for professionalism and quality
  • good infrastructure with rapid access to other European key economies, such as France, Benelux, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.

In entrenched markets, M&A is the fastest way to establish a local presence and expand internationally. Many SMEs in Europe also need to become bigger to better cater for the needs of their large and international clients, which are under pressure to consolidate their supply chain and reduce their numbers of partners.

This is where Investaura can help: we benefit from a presence in two locations in Germany (Munich and Bonn), a deep network of relationship, strong ICT know-how, good understanding of the German business culture and well as international staff who speak French, Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Investaura consultants are currently working for clients from France, the Netherlands and Italy, helping them find the right target (s) and growth beyond their national borders.

For more information about our M&A target search or due diligence services, feel free to contact us.