Investaura consultants have immense experience in the area of business planning, going all the way back to the mid-1990s. We are not only consultants but have worked in senior management positions in the ICT industry. We know what works and what doesn’t, and can understand the challenges faced by our clients very well, because we have lived them.

Beyond the business planning ‘number crunching’, we bring strong and practical experience from industry. Our ‘signature’ Business planning assignments include:

New Business Unit / New license / Innovation project
  • Business planning and Board presentation for a new digital solution addressing the needs of the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry
  • Business planning and Board presentation for a new digital solution provided to the housing industry, with a view to reduce maintenance costs
  • Business plan and negotiation support for a large FTTH roll-out deployment (25-year Public-Private Partnership)
  • Business planning, Budgeting and Costing solution for a leading MNO in the Middle East
  • Network Operations Transformation business plan, including analysis of Managed Services / Outsourcing, Network Sharing and Leasing
  • Business planning for a CATV operator migrating to ‘TV everywhere’ services, USA
  • Managed Services / Outsourcing business plans for a European supplier
  • Business plans for MVNOs in Germany
  • Business plan for a new product line of Mobile Phones
  • Business plan for Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Business plan for Mobile Broadcasting in Europe (DVB-H, MBMS)
  • Business plan for a new WLAN line of business
  • Business plan for TDMA->GSM migration in Latin America
  • UMTS product and service business plan for the CFO of Siemens Mobile Networks
  • UMTS business plans for more than 20 MNOs in Europe
  • xDSL and IP offloading business plan for a fixed network operator in Thailand
  • Business planning for a WLL operator in the Caribbean
Buy-side M&A / Sell-side M&A / Fundraising
  • Business plan, Financial Factbook and Information Memorandum for a provider of IoT solutions to tunnel operators (road, train)
  • Business plan and Financial Factbook for an e-commerce company
  • Business plan for an ICT company providing solutions to Airports and Airlines
  • Business plan for a provider of security solutions to critical infrastructure industries
  • Due diligence, Business planning, valuation and advisory services for an Asian telecoms group (target: integrated WLL / UMTS operator in Vietnam)
  • Business planning and valuation for a software company in South East Asia – Transaction closed
  • Due diligence, Business planning, valuation and transaction support for a large telecom group in Africa (Burundi, CAR, Cape Verde, Guinea Conakry, Somaliland) with two of the targets being acquired
  • Business planning as part of various M&A opportunities for the board of Siemens I&C
  • Due Diligence and Business Planning for a submarine cable consortium looking for vendor financing
  • Triple-Play business plan for a CATV operators looking for a financial partner
  • Due Diligence and Business Plan of an Indian MNO in its early stage of operations, with a view to take an equity stake in the business
  • Business planning and turn-around support for a PMR operator in Belgium