For most companies, the process of target screening and selection is challenging, especially in foreign markets and uncharted waters. Buyers can greatly benefit from external professional support to improve the quality of the fit right from the start, and increase the chance that the journey will lead to destination.

Beyond the financial analysis of the target, many areas must be thoroughly investigated during the M&A engagement, and set against the buyer’s strategy and transaction price expectations: the customer base, competitive strengths, sales channels, IPRs, R&D, supply chain, processes, human resources and culture, to name a few!

Investaura covers the full value chain of M&A activities, working on the buyer side or seller side and focusing on transactions ranging €2m-€200m:

Target search / Investor search

  • Strategy (portfolio, market)
  • Market forecasting and Industry evolution model
  • Assistance in Financing and Fund-raising
  • Information Memorandum
  • Partner screening and selection

Due diligence

  • Data room preparation and management
  • Due Diligence support – commercial, financial, technical, operational, HR, legal, regulatory
  • Identification of synergies and improvement measures
  • Integration / transformation planning

Business Planning & Valuation

  • Business plan – typically a 7-10 year market and financial statements forecast
  • Pre- and post-merger Valuation
  • Exit strategy

Transaction support

  • LOI preparation
  • Binding offer preparation
  • Negotiation support
  • Assistance all the way to closing
  • Assistance during post-merger integration

Why Investaura?