Our Mission is the expression of ‘Why We Exist’:

We help our clients create substantial value in their business.

In practice, this is achieved by a combination of growth (endogenous, exogenous) and operational improvement (commercial, financial, technical, operational).

Our Vision articulates ‘What We Want to Be’:

Investaura will be a model of excellence that puts its customers first.

Serving our clients on five continents, we will be a well-known name in the ICT, IoT and Infrastructure industries.

Our Managing Consultants and Partners will be respected thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and doers known for providing quality and value in our areas of expertise.

We will be socially engaged and help improve the quality of life in the countries where we work.

Our Values tell you ‘What is Important to Us’:

Our consultants share a common set of believes and values that guide their actions on consulting assignment

  • We are neutral, independent, and advise our clients on what is best for them, not for us
  • We believe that strategy is silver, but execution is gold – and the real source of competitive advantage
  • We are perfectionists and deliver nothing but the best

Our Unique Selling Propositions are What Makes Us Different.

We believe that our clients deserve better consulting

  • We come from the ICT industry, having worked many years in senior management positions
  • We only employ senior consultants who bring more than 15 years of professional experience
  • We place the staff-enablement of our clients at the core of our approach
  • We have an entrepreneur mind-set: we take ownership of our clients’ problem, we are implementation-oriented and assume full responsibility for project outcomes