The global Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market is expected to grow at 12% per annum from $36bn in 2015 to $64bn in 2020. Financing transport infrastructure via toll payment solutions is the major part of the market. We know what it takes to win.

The usage of ITS to reduce road accidents and increase safety is also a major driving force of innovation. There is currently a strong focus on deploying advanced traffic systems to reduce the number of accidents, which can be facilitated when ITS solutions are combined with connected car technologies.

Still, toll collection remain key. To be successful in ITS projects, often so called “mega projects” (multi-billion $), you must first get acquainted with the local environment, the stakeholders, the potential partners, decision makers and influencers. Setting up the right partnership is essential to succeed in that phase.

Then comes the bid phase and an often lengthy and complicated bid process influenced by local legislation. For a professional bid management, technical due diligence, business planning and commercial proposal preparation, an experienced team of experts is needed to get the bidder selected as “preferred service provider”.

In our experience, the key success factors are:

  • Deep understanding of the local environment
  • Right “political” fit
  • Profound understanding of technology and processes
  • 100% accuracy and commitment to requirements and contracts
  • The “best” price

Investaura consultants have in-depth experience as well as a strong track record of winning business for mega projects in the ITS sector. We support our clients, both strategically and tactically, in all steps of the acquisition process, starting with the formation of a winning consortium, then followed with bid management support, technical and commercial due diligence, business planning and ‘war room’ and price-to-win analysis.

As the tolling market in Europe and around the globe experienced an astonishing peak of activities in 2017, we are delighted to have helped our clients in Germany for truck and passenger tolling as well as in other European and US tolling projects. We expect that the strong momentum for the tolling industry will continue in 2018.

For more information about our ITS market consulting services, feel free to contact us.