Launched in the spring of 2013, the ‘France Très Haut Débit’ Plan aims to cover the entire French territory with very high speed Internet access (more than 30 Mbps) by 2022. The cornerstone of the Plan is the massive deployment of FTTH technologies across the country.

To achieve this goal, it mobilizes an investment of €20 billion over 10 years, shared between private operators, local authorities, the French State and Europe. At the end of 2016, 1 home in 2 already has access to very high speed internet.

Investaura has been working with a major telco in France helping improve its FTTH projects in low density areas, so called ‘Public Initiative Networks‘ (‘Réseau d’Initiative Publique’ or RIP in French), where the local authorities (municipalities, communities of municipalities, department, region) have private companies built and operate passive FTTx networks on their behalf, using one of the following business models:

  • DSP (Délégation de Service Publique Concessive): a concession model where the private partner finances, builds and operates the passive FTTH network for a 15-35 year duration, and carries the commercial risks.
  • Affermage: also a concession model, but the private company operates a fibre network that has been build by the local authorities in the past and is already in their ownership.
  • PPP (Public Private Partnership): the PPP entity finances, builds and operates the FTTH network, but the PPP model carries less risk for the private partner, as revenues are largely guaranteed. The public partner is responsible for the commercialisation of the FTTH network.
  • CREM (Conception, Réalisation, Exploitation, Maintenance): the private partner builds and technically operates the network, with the local authorities owning the FTTH network from the beginning and being responsible for its commercial success.

Investaura advised the client on its complex financial business plans and negotiations with the local authorities. In addition, Investaura took over the Project Management responsibility for a number of complex and innovative topics.

The Investaura team includes highly-experienced telecom finance consultants, engineers and executives. We provide a next-generation style of consulting reflecting our values and practical, results driven approach combined with many years experience in telecom operational management, strategy and finance.

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