Strategy is the science of looking into the future, the art of identifying transformative options, and the courage of making the most suitable choices.

Not all options are possible or implementable, as companies are naturally constrained by their external environment on one hand (competitors, customers, technologies), but also by their current operational model (skills, resources, governance).

Choices are difficult but necessary, in order to bring focus and differentiation, and best match the needs of the targeted customer segments.

The search for consensus can take time, but too many trade-offs can water down a good strategy and make it less effective.

A strategy becomes obvious and self-confirmatory after the fact, once implementation has been speedy and successful. Outstanding operational implementation of strategies is the hallmark of industry leaders.

Investaura has recently advised a provider of software solutions to the CRE industry. The strategy combines endogenous initiatives and external M&A opportunities, and is now being implemented by the client.