Traditionally conservative, asset-heavy and performance-driven:  the housing industry is ripe for significant deployment of IoT solutions in the years to come. Innovation is often hard, but this is exactly where external industry specialists can help. 

The changes are driven by the desire to improve tenant satisfaction on one hand, and reduce operational, maintenance and utilities costs on the other hand, for the benefit of both tenants and landlords.

IoT technologies have also significantly matured in the recent past, including smart meters and gateways, radio technologies, cloud platform and data mining algorithms.

Beyond the improvement of heavy-volume, routine processes that can be digitalised and partially automated, IoT solutions can help landlords:

  • reduce their asset maintenance costs, including lift and heating, by monitoring and managing key assets in real time
  • reduce the damages, insurance premium and disruption related to water leakage
  • reduce the cost of utilities (heating, electricity, water) charged to tenants
  • improve the quality of interactions with tenants, by being more responsive to the problems that arise in their building
  • create tangible value for tenants, as the ancillaries costs charged to tenants on top of their rent are meaningfully reduced.

Investaura has recently advised a provider of ICT solutions to the housing industry on its IoT strategy and business plan in the area of Predictive Maintenance. The strategy was approved by the management board and the project is now moving to the implementation phase.

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