Investaura is pleased to appear in one of the most recent IBM whitepapers:

 Harness the power of data and analytics to maximize the value of each customer

Download “Smarter Communication through Analytics”

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This excellent whitepaper highlights how mobile and fixed line telecoms service providers can leverage the data that they have about their customers to reduce Churn, boost ARPU, reduce Costs, and overall increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of their subscribers.

We also agree with IBM that four key components are required to make this enterprise a full success:

  • Quality data – if information about customers is inaccurate, then forget about analytics!
  • Business Intelligence – to understand what has happened in the business, in the distant as well as the more recent past
  • Predictive analytics – to forecast how customers are most likely to behave
  • and Process Automation – to dramatically reduce costs and automate anything that can be automated in the Churn reduction and ARPU boost process.

The good news is that telecoms service providers don’t have to buy four separate solutions to achieve that goal. There are telecoms specific solutions on the market that combine all of them into one. In particular from our partner Lumata.

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