Investaura has recently completed a fixed asset revaluation project for a major telecom service provider operating in multiple countries in the MEA region.

The project was undertaken over a 3-month period and looked into $1bn of fixed assets in the following asset classes: Land, Building, Towers, Telecoms equipment, Software, Spectrum and licences.

FixesAssetsValuation The revaluation was undertaken in compliance with the IFRS framework, in particular IFRS 13 (Fair Value measurement), IAS 36 (impairment), IAS 16 (tangible non-current assets) and IAS 38 (intangibles).

Our consultants also deeply engaged with external auditors to confirm that the revaluation results would be accepted. We are now moving to the implementation phase, with the valuation results being captured in the accounting systems and financial statements.

Benefit to the client: we have identified hundreds of millions of USD of revaluation in various asset classes.