Investaura Management Consultants, the telecoms consultancy specialized in Business Intelligence and Performance Management, are pleased to announce the launch of the first end-to-end Business Planning, Budgeting and Activity-Based Costing (ABC) solution for telecoms service providers. The solution was built on the Adaptive Planning platform from Adaptive Insights Inc, the world leader in Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting. The solution combines the power of Adaptive Insights ‘Software as a Service’ platform with Investaura’s unique understanding of the needs of telecoms operators in both developing and mature markets.

To demonstrate how telecom service providers can use Adaptive Planning, Investaura has developed a fully functioning application that contains all the building blocks found in Budgeting solutions used by telecom operators. The application can easily be customized for service providers of any size, including mobile, fixed, and cable TV operators. It requires next to no IT support for its roll-out within our customers’ organizations.

In the application, the analysis runs over a 5-year period, so that the Budgeting application can be used as a Business Planning solution as well. In addition, the application incorporates a bottom-up Activity-Based Budgeting and Costing module which can be used to analyze and forecast the profitability of individual products and services. In short, Investaura’s telecoms-specific application provides three fully-integrated solutions into one: Budgeting, Business Planning and Costing.

The application supports multi-users and multiple currencies. It includes a wealth of features as illustrated in the diagram above. Unlike Excel, which uses a ‘flat’, two-dimensional structure for its spreadsheets, Adaptive Planning relies on a multi-dimensional database to store data in ‘cubes’ and perform calculations.  In practice this means that you won’t have to deal with sheets containing thousands of rows any longer!  This makes the application all the more robust and easy to use.

Ten good reasons to use Adaptive Planning:

  1. Easy to use, ranked #1 by Gartner in customer satisfaction survey
  2. Powerful planning and reporting features
  3. Telecoms-specific application is available
  4. Budgeting and Business Planning applications integrated into one
  5. Unlimited dashboards
  6. Multi-user and collaborative
  7. Integration with ERP and CRM systems is available
  8. No IT server or Capex investment are required
  9. Also supports the needs of large companies (HQ + subsidiaries)
  10. Very affordable: 75% lower cost than alternative solutions