Today, we are really happy to celebrate the launch of our Web Site.  On a recent assignment, one of the client staff asked me “How did our company find you?”.   My answer was simple: “Our customers don’t find us, we find them”.  But this statement was also an open recognition that INVESTAURA has lacked visibility on the market so far, and our Web site is one of the measures that we are implementing to better reach and interact with our clients in the future.

So first of all, we would like to welcome you on our journey to make the consultancy world -with the risk of sounding arrogant – “a Better World”.

INVESTAURA is a really new type of consultancy.  Our competitors work like this: a majority of their staff are junior people with excellent academic degrees but no industry experience.  When you as a client buy advisory services from them, you end up interfacing with very young people who are there to learn from you.  You will rarely see senior staff or partners – typically they only show up at the kick-off presentation and well as the final meeting, where they are so keen to present results to your CEO and your Board…

INVESTAURA has a different type of business model: a pre-requisite for our consultants is to bring a minimum of 10 years of professional experience.  It is not that we do not like young people, but we believe that they should not work as consultants.

So why is the business model of our competitors what it is? Because the partners want leverage: they employ junior staff who, in most cases, are extremely hard working, to make big bucks for themselves.

INVESTAURA is different.   First of all, our staff have reached the point in their lives where they have already made good money for themselves, working as employees with telecom operators, suppliers, IT companies or in the media industry.  Money is important, but even more important is the satisfaction of our clients, many of whom have become personal friends over the years.

Also important is our own satisfaction.  We love working and do work very hard, but our work is fun.  We totally control what we do or do not want to do, who we work for and who we do not want to work for. This might mean making less money than our competitors, but we have a much better life balance.  We are Entrepreneurs.