Strategic Software solutions

Investaura Management Consultants has selected 3 software companies that complement its own core consulting business and with whom we have excellent relationships:

Prodacapo provides software solutions for process costing and improvement. The Prodacapo suite contains applications for activity-based management, profitability analyses, planning, balanced scorecard and process management. The company’s software and methodology is based on 20 years of experience helping organizations to increase profitability, reduce costs, respond to changes and achieve greater results. Prodacapo clients come from a wide range of industries, as well as the public sector. Most are mid-sized or large organizations and multi-national groups.

Implied Logic delivers tools, training and expert-advisory services in the filed of accelerated, verifiable financial modelling, with the expertise to reduce an extensive, complex set of model requirements to a manageable, canonical set of mathematical rules which fully describe a commercial situation. Drawing on more than twenty years’ experience worldwide, working with players across the telecoms-industry value chain, we have the confidence and certainty to deliver reliable solutions which will consistently exceed expectations in any commercial supply-and-demand environment.

Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in on-demand budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions for companies of all sizes, including ICT companies. Adaptive ranks #1 in overall customer satisfaction according to Gartner. Using Adaptive Planning, Investaura has developed a telecom-specific budgeting system that can also be used as a 5-10 year business plan solution. The system can easily and quickly be customised for individual telecoms service providers.