Strategic Software solutions

Investaura has strong expertise in STEM, which we use for Service Costing, Profitability Management and Customer Lifetime Value analysis, as well for Network and Operations Business Planning.

The STEM business-modelling software for industry from Implied Logic Limited is a robust and efficient platform for creating business and investment plans which embrace alternative market, technical and economic futures.

It is used by telecoms operators, vendors and enterprise users to model service-level requirements for networks and to calculate the financial implications of different technology or roll-out scenarios going forward.

For a telecom service provider, STEM features an integrated cost-allocation function which supports detailed profitability analysis at the service level.  Once a service provider has undertaken a Service Costing exercice, it is in a much better position to estimate the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

For an equipment vendor, STEM adds great value for marketing and business development units as a persuasive medium for communicating equipment sales propositions, as demonstrated in this Case Study on Network Operations Transformation.

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