Strategic Software solutions

Do you still use Microsoft Excel for Budgeting, Business Planning or Performance Management? Microsoft Excel was good for the job 10-15 years ago, but Excel also has its limits, and you probably have come across many of them already. In particular, Excel is not a database!

Today, very powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solutions are available on the market that can set you apart and truly help improve your company’s performance. If you are a Financial Planning Manager at a mid-size or large company, and still use Excel for Budgeting and Forecasting, then you’ve got quite a bit of catch up to do. And most likely you know that.

Investaura consultants use Adaptive Planning, the Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting software from Adaptive Insights Inc, the world leader in on-demand Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for companies of all sizes, including telecom operators.

Using Adaptive Planning, Investaura has developed a telecom-specific budgeting system that can also be used as a 5-10 year business plan solution.  This system can easily and quickly be customised to individual telecom operators.

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