Investaura consultants are experts in the art and practice of M&A engagements. Our services are made-to-measure and match the exact requirements of our clients. We are proud to offer the following benefits:


  • Our clients’ success is our success. We are aligned with our clients because we think and act as entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand our clients’ challenges because we have faced the same issues in industry many times over. Beyond closing deals successfully, we are interested in successful integration and substantial value creation.
  • Matchmaking is our passion. We guide our clients to the right targets, those where clear and real synergies with the buyer’s business exist and where the quality of the fit is high (e.g. market, portfolio, people, culture).
  • We are experts in business planning, integration planning and valuation. We strongly believe in the preparation of realistic and robust financial and non-financial plans, based on extensive due diligence work and workshops with the buyer and the target’s management team. We have developed tools and methods for the selected industries in which we operate.
  • We only undertake M&A projects in industries that we know very well. Our consultants all bring at least 10 years of business experience working in senior management positions in industry. They are multi-skilled and understand business from a commercial, technical and financial point of view.

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