Our M&A services are a natural extension to our consulting projects. We focus exclusively on industries that we know very well, including ICT, Software, IoT, Real Estate, and Infrastructure.

Our DNA combines the best of both worlds – our domestic markets understanding and our international experience.

  • Multiple PropTech companies in Europe – Sell-side M&A mandates
  • SEE Telecom, Belgium – Business plan, Valuation, Financial factbook, and fundraising (closed)
  • Aareon, Germany – M&A scouting in multiple European countries
  • Dr. Schwarz-Schilling & Partners, Germany – M&A advisory services for the trade sale of Matrix Technology AG (closed)
  • Discovergy, Germany – Series B fundraising (closed)
  • Sancovia, Germany – Business plans and Financial factbooks for the international expansion of Fuxtec (closed)
  • GCR Inc, USA – Buy-side M&A advisory services in Europe
  • Beenius, Slovania – Sell-side M&A advisory services
  • UTS, Curacao – Business plan, commercial and financial factbooks for the privatisation of the company (closed)
  • Kirey, Italy – M&A scouting in Germany and France
  • Setelia, France – M&A scouting in France
  • Arcadis, Netherlands – Buy-side M&A advisory services in Germany
  • ARS T&TT, Netherlands – M&A scouting in Germany
  • Expresso Telecom, UAE – Sell-side M&A advisory services
  • KPISOFT, Malaysia – Growth capital (closed)
  • Axiata, Malaysia – Financial due diligence for the acquisition of a telecom operator in Vietnam
  • Orascom, Egypt – Commercial and financial Due Diligence, Business Planning, and Valuation in 6 countries in Africa, resulting in the acquisition of 2 telecom operators