Investaura’s new book is now available on Amazon: “Business Planning for Managers and Entrepreneurs”

Investaura Management Consultants is pleased to announce the publication of its new book on Business Planning for Managers and Entrepreneurs (ISBN 978-3-9813734-2-4), written by Pierre A. Lurin, a Managing Partner at Investaura.

The paperback edition complements the hardback edition first published in 2010, which has been updated and improved. Apart from the new cover, the book addresses a wider audience and includes a foreward where the author shares his recent experience acquired over the period 2010-2014, as well as personal insight on current and future trends.

Launch of “The Art of Business Planning”

Investaura Management Consultants is pleased to announce the launch of a web site fully dedicated to the topic of business planning. Our objective is to help entrepreneurs as well managers working for established companies write better business plans and create more successful and lasting businesses. The web site can be found there:


Enjoy the recipes, the cheese as well as our desserts.  And also the videos of Simon Sinek, Steve Blank, Steve Jobs, John Chambers and Philip Baddeley.

‘Business Planning for Managers’ now available on Amazon

This guide is the ultimate reference for business planning practitioners.  Following an introduction, it contrains 13 chapters:

Getting started

  • Structuring a business plan
  • Case study of a UMTS service provider
  • What can we learn from the crash?Business Planning for Managers

Financial Statements and Valuation

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Valuing businesses
  • Checklist of common pitfalls

Forecasting Revenues and Costs

  • Forecasting is an art
  • Forecasting on the supply side
  • Forecasting on the demand side

Advanced Techniques

  • Knowing your competitors
  • Value chain and business model
  • Scenario planning
  • Valuing business opportunities as ‘Real Options’

Business Planning for Managers is illustrated with 100 pictures.

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