Investaura provides Telecom Mini MBA programmes to its training institute and corporate clients. There are two versions: the one-week Mini MBA; and the one-year programme. Both programmes are highly interactive and combine class-room presentations, case studies, as well as individual and group exercises.

The one-year Mini MBA comprises a series of 6-8 seminars over a period of one year, leaving ample time for participants to apply in the work place what they learned during the seminars, and reflect on their personal development. This programme is ideal for participants who already have 3-5 years of professional experience, but want to consolidate their existing knowledge and develop new skills, including soft skills.

Each participant is assigned an Investaura Consultant acting as Coach during the duration of the Telecom Mini MBA programme.

The one-week Telecom Mini MBA is ideal for more senior participants with extensive professional experience (typically  5-15 years), but also for people who don’t have time to commit to the one-year Telecom Mini MBA programme.