Investaura is pleased to announce the launch of its new seminar on ‘Business Planning and Entrepreneurship’.  This is a 5-day event that can be booked by business customers and training institutes anywhere in the world, for groups of up to 15 people.

The seminar is lead by one of the Investaura Managing Consultants acting as coach to help participants develop ‘best-in-class’ business planning skills. Up to 5 case studies are included and discussed with the participants in a highly interactive manner. In addition, the consultant will help participants get started with their own business plan.

Business Planning templates are provided in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.   Beyond Excel, another software platform can be used at the client’s request for the numerical and financial part of the business plan: STEM.

The seminar structure is as follows – note that it can be customised for individual clients as required.

Business Planning Seminar

We also have “The Art of Business Planning”, a web site fully dedicated to the topic of business planning. Our objective is to help entrepreneurs as well managers working for established companies write better business plans and create more successful and lasting businesses. The web site can be found there: