We cover the full range of Corporate Finance topics relevant to telecom service providers, suppliers, infrastructure management and IT companies, including:

Fixed Asset Valuation & Fair Value Measurement

In Finance, success is usually judged by value. A good investment decision is one that results in purchase of a real asset that is worth more than its costs.

CAPEX and OPEX planning
CAPEX and OPEX planning
Capital budgeting

Investaura helps you make better investment decisions, improve CapEx efficiency, reduce TCO, and create value.

Financial planning
Budgeting, Business Planning and Service Costing in a box
Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Investing in real assets, project, and companies is not a standalone activity, but must be consistent with the long-term company plan, and also tie into a performance management process.

Transaction services
Due Diligence and M&A support

M&A opportunities are often complex opportunities to evaluate. Investaura helps you make the process smoother and your M&A transactions become more successful.