Investaura is pleased to provide Excel templates and tools that can help you get started. We currently provide the following templates: Business Planning for beginners; Financial Ratio Analysis; Business Planning for telecoms and ICT.

  • Business Planning for beginners: this simple template illustrates how to forecast revenues, CapEx, OpEx, Cashflow and how to derive the Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Financial Ratio Analysis: this simple template shows how the 4 categories of financial ratios and KPIs are calculated: Profitability, Liquidity, Stability and Capital efficiency ratios
  • Business Planning for telecoms and ICT: this comprehensive template has been used extensively by Investaura in the preparation of business plans for its clients, including in an M&A context

Other interesting documents:

Should you need more detailed templates, or templates relating to other topics e.g. Costing, the Cost of Capital (WACC) or other subjects, feel free to contact us.